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Board of Directors

The McMullin Area Groundwater Sustainability Agency (MAGSA) is a Joint Powers Authority formed in January 2017 through the adoption of a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) by the Mid-Valley Water District, Raisin City Water District, and County of Fresno. The JPA establishes the MAGSA governing body shall be a five member Board if Directors, with each seat selected by the respective board of each member agency.

Seat Assignment
1Raisin City Water District
2Raisin City Water District
3Mid-Valley Water District
4County of Fresno
5‘White Area’ landowner appointed by the County of Fresno

Meet the Board

Brian Pacheco
Seat 1

County of Fresno 

Jonathon DeGroot
Seat 2

Raisin City Water District 


Don Cameron
Chair, Seat 3

Raisin City Water District 


Ariel Namvar
Seat 4

Mid-Valley Water District 


Matt Abercrombie
Vice Chair, Seat 5



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