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Funding Opportunities

Growers Are Required to Install Meters & Telemetry by January 31, 2025. Apply for Financial Assistance Soon.

If you are a landowner in the McMullin Area Groundwater Sustainability Agency (MAGSA) with wells producing more than 2 acre-feet of water annually, you are required to install meters and telemetry on your wells by January 31, 2025. To alleviate some of the costs associated with this requirement, MAGSA has developed a Rebate Program and negotiated discounts with several irrigation companies.


Reminder: EQIP Funding Deadline is February 16, 2024

The extended deadline to apply for financial support through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)  MAGSA EQIP WaterSMART funding pool is February 16, 2024. 

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible, an applicant must own or lease and manage their land and have an average gross income of $900,000 or less. Eligible projects may include: water delivery automation & monitoring; irrigation water management & conveyance; sprinkler irrigation systems, & more. MAGSA has created an Application Guide to support landowners through the entire EQIP WaterSMART application process. Click the button below to download the guide.

Important Note: MAGSA landowners cannot receive financial support through both the Meter and Telemetry Rebate Program and EQIP WaterSMART because both are federal funding sources. Choose the funding opportunity you feel is best for your farming operation!

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