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MAGSA continues to pursue grant funding to reduce cost of meters and telemetry equipment for landowners

The McMullin Area Groundwater Sustainability Agency (MAGSA) is working on a $2.8 million grant application to the Bureau of Reclamation. If awarded, the grant would pay for more than 50% of cost of electromagnetic meters, telemetry, installation, and the first year of data reporting from the field.

To supplement the remaining cost of meters, telemetry, and installation, a second application is being prepared for a state-funded grant. If awarded, MAGSA would receive nearly a direct match of funds for landowners to cover the remaining cost of installing meters and telemetry. MAGSA continues to pursue grant funding for its stakeholders to ensure the cost of groundwater sustainability measures does not fall entirely on landowners. Receiving both grants could cover the cost of purchasing and installing approximately 1,000 electromagnetic meters and telemetry on wells in the area.

MAGSA’s General Manager, Matt Hurley, has met with a grant writer to ensure best results in pursuing and receiving grant funding for future groundwater sustainability projects.

MAGSA’s NRCS EQIP WaterSMART grant, one of the agency’s recent grant awards, is in its early stages of providing financial support to MAGSA growers. Unlike other NRCS EQIP grants, which are not typically limited to boundary-specific applicants, this funding pool of $1 million is set aside specifically for MAGSA landowners and guarantees the grant money will stay within the GSA boundaries.

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