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MAGSA is hitting the ground running in 2021!

Vision Event sets the stage for the new year

48 individuals attended MAGSA’s 2021 Vision Event on January 20th and heard from MAGSA’s General Manager and technical team on the top priorities for 2021. If you were unable to attend the event, click the video below to watch the recording and learn how to secure a thriving future this new year!

Gathering data on wells to achieve sustainability goals

Groundwater data measured by wells is a key data component for monitoring MAGSA’s sustainability goals. The data is an important metric to measure impacts of future projects and management actions on groundwater levels within the agency boundary and ensures MAGSA can effectively defend accurate groundwater use on behalf of its landowners.

So far, MAGSA has received a Proposition 68 grant which funded a well monitoring video survey, the gathering of well construction information, and site visits. This year, MAGSA is planning to continue collecting well construction information and begin the three-year process of metering wells within MAGSA. You can join the list of landowners interested in receiving a monetary incentive for being an early adopter of meters!

Study on groundwater credit and water marketing program will conclude this spring

MAGSA received a WaterSMART Bureau of Reclamation grant to conduct a study on a groundwater credit and surface water marketing program. While a water marketing program would entail a proactive strategy for bringing surface water into the area, a groundwater credit system focuses on allocating groundwater resources among landowners within the GSA. Under a groundwater credit system, landowners would be given a groundwater allocation to either keep, trade, or sell to other landowners within the GSA. A well-designed program would improve water use efficiency and provide flexibility for MAGSA landowners. The study will conclude this spring.

Over the last year, Geosyntec has led a team of skilled individuals from organizations across disciplines to consider how a water market might operate within MAGSA. MAGSA held three public workshops to discuss identified market concepts, requirements, trading structures, rules, monitoring, administration, and reporting. MAGSA has also conducted stakeholder interviews and received input on market components.

A final workshop will be held before the study concludes. Look out for further details. Recordings of past workshops can be found on MAGSA’s website.

Learn more about MAGSA’s vision for 2021 HERE.

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