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On-Farm Recharge University

About On-Farm Recharge

On-Farm Recharge (OFR) is the sustainable practice of taking surface water supplies and applying it to actively farmed lands for the purpose of recharging the groundwater aquifer. Practicing OFR is a strategy to maintain the long-term economic viability of agricultural land by sustaining precious water resources into the future.

MAGSA’s On-Farm Recharge University

Every grower’s efforts to integrate sustainable water practices on their farm are vital to the future of agriculture in the Central Valley and state of California. Through MAGSA’s On-Farm Recharge University, growers have the unique opportunity to develop and hone their expertise as leading practitioners of OFR.

On-Farm Recharge University is a cohort experience where a group of growers participates in a variety of educational experiences over the course of six months. OFR-University includes: field trips, site visits on participants own farms, 6 in-person workshops featuring guest speakers covering topics such as infrastructure needed for OFR and crop calendars, and helpful print and digital resources. Growers will leave this course with the knowledge and tools they need to implement On-Farm Recharge practices with confidence.

OFR-U is a course designed specifically for MAGSA growers led and taught by leading expert on On-Farm Recharge, Phil Bachand, Ph.D. Dr. Bachand received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with Honors from UC Davis, and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley. He has been involved in applied experimental research on water resources issues relating to agriculture since 1992, and has developed a technical expertise in On- Farm Recharge practice as a sustainable, defensible, and scientifically based solution. The course will also include guest speakers from Natural Resources Conservation Service, UC Cooperative Extension, UC Davis, Berkeley Lab, and more.

On-Farm Recharge University Video Library

Other Resources

On-Farm Recharge Webinar: Pecans and Other Nuts – Presentation Slides (July 2021)

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