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Board Policies

Landowner Incentive ProgramDRAFT7/8/20219/1/2021 (Proposed)Comment Form
Implementing Rules and Regulations Groundwater Well Metering, Measurement, Monitoring and Construction Policy and Related PoliciesDRAFT7/8/20219/1/2021 (Proposed)Comment Form
Groundwater Metering, Measurement, Monitoring, and ConstructionADOPTED1/7/20212/3/2021 Comment Period Closed
Groundwater Export ADOPTED9/8/2020; updated 11/2/202012/9/2020 Comment Period Closed
Water Banking ADOPTED9/8/2020; updated 11/2/202012/9/2020 Comment Period Closed
Groundwater DataADOPTED7/16/209/2/20Comment Period Closed
Accountability and TransparencyADOPTED5/14/206/3/20Comment Period Closed
Investment ADOPTED5/14/206/3/20Comment Period Closed
Records RetentionADOPTED5/14/206/3/20Comment Period Closed
CA Public Records Act (CPRA)ADOPTED5/14/206/3/20Comment Period Closed
Website Privacy ADOPTED5/14/206/3/20Comment Period Closed

Questions? Email MAGSA’s General Manager, Matt Hurley, at or call at 559-515-3339.

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