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Policy and Rules & Regulations Documents on Telemetry and Well Monitoring Available for Public Comment

The draft Implementing Rules & Regulations for the Amended (2023) Groundwater Well Metering, Measurement, Monitoring And Construction Policy and Related Policies and draft Amended Landowner Incentive Program policy have been posted to MAGSA’s policy webpage and are available for public comment.

These proposed amendments are related to remote telemetry and data management requirements and accompanying incentives for MAGSA landowners. Public comments on the draft documents must be submitted no later than December 1, 5:00 PST to allow time for consideration. MAGSA landowners and stakeholders can review and comment on both documents by visiting the webpage below.

Data collection, reporting and management are indispensable elements of the MAGSA Groundwater Sustainability Plan. The data will need to be collected, stored and managed in a precise, accurate, secure and confidential manner to successfully place MAGSA in a position of achieving sustainability at the earliest possible time while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality for landowners’ Confidential Information as allowed by law. 

Installing telemetry will save growers time and money, and following MAGSA’s well monitoring process is the “cheapest and most streamlined way to do it,” says MAGSA Board Member, Jonathon Degroot.

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