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Following the adoption of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requires GSAs to submit annual reports to the CA Department of Water Resources on April 1 of every year. The Annual Report serves to inform and update both the State and stakeholders in the Kings Subbasin on groundwater conditions and sustainability progress.

The Annual Report includes both data and a description of the GSAs’ progress toward implementation of their GSPs. Data includes information from the Kings Subbasin’s seven GSAs’ monitoring networks, groundwater extractions, surface water supply, total water use, and changes in groundwater storage.

Date Submittedwater yearreport (pdf)CA DWR portalgw extractionsurface water supplytotal water usestorage change (acre-feet)
4/1/20232022 (OCT 2021- SEP 2022)Annual ReportPortal View1,943,168 AF630,782 AF2,573,950 AF– 680,000 AF
4/1/20222021 (OCT 2020- SEP 2021)Annual ReportPortal View2,293,436 AF334,665 AF2,628,101 AF– 890,000 AF
4/1/20212020 (OCT 2019- SEP 2020)Annual ReportPortal View1,353,418 AF958,180 AF2,311,598 AF– 550,000 AF
4/1/20202019 (OCT 2018- SEP 2019)Annual ReportPortal View1,061,594 AF1,639,162 AF2,700,756 AF210,000 AF
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