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Stakeholder Alert emails will notify public of draft board policies

MAGSA is moving swiftly to adopt board policies, establishing a foundation for how groundwater will be managed in the years to come. The fastest way to engage in this process is via MAGSA’s email updates (sign up here). These policies will operate as rules and guidelines impacting stakeholders, and ultimately ensure MAGSA can effectively and sustainably manage groundwater within the area it serves. Stakeholders will be notified and invited to comment on draft board policies via “Stakeholder Alert” emails. All are invited to review and provide comment via an online comment form or at a MAGSA Board Meeting.

Engaging stakeholders and landowners remains a groundwater management priority. Water resources management impacts our growers, businesses, and community residents. Developing successful programs and projects that benefit the long term viability of MAGSA’s service area requires the valuable insight of stakeholders into the groundwater management process.

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