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Stakeholder Committee


MAGSA actively involves representatives of diverse stakeholder groups through the Stakeholder Committee. The member structure of the Stakeholder Committee includes representatives of all stakeholder groups within the MAGSA boundaries: two general agricultural representatives, one permanent crop agricultural representative, one dairy agricultural representative, a domestic user representative, a DAC representative, an environmental representative, two governmental representatives including County and State, and one local agency representative.

The Stakeholder Committee is an autonomous group and is an advisory group to the MAGSA Board. The Stakeholder Committee will have the opportunity to provide input throughout GSP implementation on policies, management actions, and projects that may be considered by the MAGSA Board. It is the role of Committee members to act as a liaison between MAGSA and the public, as well as serve as a resource to the broader community.

Committee Members

Ag General  Bob Sidhu

Ag Dairy  Stephen Shehadey, Bar 20 Dairy Farms

Ag Permanent Crops Bradley Abercrombie

Ag General  John Verwey, Johann Dairy and Johann Farming

Domestic  Marjorie Bookout, Raisin City

DAC Ángela Islas, Central California Environmental Justice Network (CCEJN)

Environment Steve Haze, Tranquillity Resource Conservation District

Government  Roy Jiminez, Fresno County

Government  Annette Tenneboe, State of California

Agency   Manny Amorelli, James Irrigation District

Contact Committee

To contact the Stakeholder Committee, please fill out the contact form below. Please provide your name and email address and reason for your inquiry.

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