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Growers Invited to Participate in MAGSA Cropping Pattern Study

MAGSA, in collaboration with Fresno State, is conducting a study to create a database to help determine MAGSA’s water usage based on evapotranspiration (ET) and actual cropping patterns. The study is funded through a grant and is currently in its third year of a three-year project.

MAGSA is in the process of updating our region’s cropping pattern information to be as accurate as possible.  To date, MAGSA has no historical data to help determine the region’s water usage. MAGSA is currently using an estimated number which could be higher or lower than actual usage.

To ensure MAGSA makes wise and accurate management decisions, MAGSA needs growers’ involvement. In the upcoming months, MAGSA will send out a print and digital form for growers to provide MAGSA with information about the current crops grown on their fields. Please contact MAGSA with any questions about this project by calling (559) 515-3339 or emailing

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