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Author: Ashley Goldsmith

Public invited to comment on DRAFT amended Groundwater Well Metering, Measurement, Monitoring and Construction Policy

A draft amended Groundwater Well Metering, Measurement, Monitoring and Construction Policy and Related Policies is posted to MAGSA’s website policy page and available for public comment. The initial policy was adopted by the Board in October 2021.The amendments address recommendations for well depth minimums, including for wells designed to produce two (2) acre feet of water or less annually, including domestic groundwater wells.

MAGSA landowners and stakeholders can comment on the policy using the comment form on our website here. It is recommended public comments on the draft amended policy by submitted no later than July 1, 5:00 PST to allow time for consideration.

Are you a domestic well owner? MAGSA has resources and a new webpage dedicated just for you!

We understand drought conditions can put stress on the groundwater aquifer supply we all share. MAGSA is working on behalf of well owners to bring sustainable groundwater levels to our region.

If your domestic well has gone dry or is vulnerable to going dry, call MAGSA at (559) 515-3339 to discuss a path forward. For more information on maintaining your domestic well, what signs indicate your well is vulnerable to going dry, or how to respond if your well does go dry, visit MAGSA’s newDomestic Well Owner Webpage“.

Kings Subbasin GSAs prepare to submit revised Groundwater Sustainability Plans by July 27, 2022

The Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) is the roadmap to sustainability in MAGSA and a requirement of the 2014 California law, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). SGMA required areas designated as medium- or high-priority and critically overdrafted to complete a GSP by January 31, 2020.

MAGSA, along with the other Kings Subbasin GSAs, developed and submitted its GSP and a Kings Subbasin coordination agreement to the State by the January 31, 2020 deadline.

SGMA is an iterative process and includes designated periods for GSP review and revisions. As the regulating and assisting agency under SGMA, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) had two years to evaluate the GSPs. On January 28, 2022, DWR provided notes on what changes needed to be made for the Kings Subbasin GSPs to be complete.

The Kings Subbasin GSA’s were then given until July 27, 2022 to make revisions based on DWR’s comments and resubmit their GSPs. MAGSA and the other Kings Subbasin GSAs have been diligently working together to prepare revised Plans in response to DWR’s feedback and ultimately achieve groundwater sustainability in the region by 2040.

Board Meeting June 1, 2022

The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 2:00 PM.

Note:  This Board of Directors meeting will be held live and in person at the regular boardroom of the agency located at:

The Kerman Community Center

15101 Kearney Blvd.

 Kerman, CA 93630

In addition, in furtherance of the Agency’s encouragement of proactive protections, including social distancing directives, as a result of the potential threat associated with the COVID-19 virus and its variants, members of the public may alternatively participate in the meeting by accessing the Zoom connection or by accessing the call-in information listed below. The public is encouraged to contact MAGSA directly through the website, through email, by telephone to the office, by dropping off to the office or by direct mail to the office if they wish to communicate or otherwise provide written comment on any subject appearing on this Agenda.


Meeting Materials:

Board Agenda

Outreach Report

Board Workshop: GSP Update and Implementation

May 25, 2022 at 2:30 PM

Agency Headquarters

Please Note: This is a Board Workshop/Study Session. It is a working meeting where Agency contractors will
report generally on progress with the update of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan and overall Implementation
Strategy for the Agency. No Action will be taken. This will be an information only workshop environment.

Workshop Agenda

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