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MAGSA Joins GSAs Statewide Bringing Awareness to Need for Groundwater Sustainability

KERMAN, Calif. – The McMullin Area Groundwater Sustainability Agency (MAGSA) is joining GSAs statewide to bring awareness to groundwater’s importance this Groundwater Awareness Week (GWAW) from March 6-12, 2022. GWAW was established in 1999 by the National Ground Water Association and The Groundwater Foundation to promote responsible groundwater management and celebrate local groundwater efforts across the country.  

Groundwater accounts for up to 60 percent of California’s water supply during dry conditions. As we enter a third dry year, following the second driest year on record, understanding groundwater conditions, and managing groundwater has never been more crucial. Groundwater Sustainability Agencies like MAGSA have been tasked with implementing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) at a local level. MAGSA is working hand in hand with landowners to make changes that will lead to long-term sustainability.  

“Bringing groundwater to sustainable levels is not a job one grower or agency can tackle alone,” says MAGSA’s General Manager, Matt Hurley. “Our landowners are paving the way for a vibrant future through their commitment to collaborative and innovative solutions.”

“Our landowners are paving the way for a vibrant future through their commitment to collaborative and innovative solutions.”

Matt Hurley, MAGSA General Manager

This year, MAGSA’s priorities are to 1) better understand groundwater conditions in the GSA through collection of accurate data, and 2) increase groundwater supply through recharge projects and education on innovative techniques to conserve and store water. To equip landowners with more specific and accurate groundwater information, MAGSA has implemented a successful well registration program and is gearing up to roll out a well metering program. MAGSA is also committed to increasing groundwater supply in the region through the McMullin On-Farm Flood Capture Expansion Project and Aquaterra Water Bank while providing educational resources teaching landowners how to implement practices like On-Farm Recharge themselves.

Through accurate data, recharge projects, education, and collaboration with MAGSA landowners and regional partners, we will secure a sustainable groundwater supply for generations to come.


For media inquiries, contact Matt Hurley at:

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