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MAGSA Receives ACWA’s Rising Star Award for Advocacy Work at State Level

Since the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act was passed in 2014, numerous bills at the State Capitol have been proposed that impact groundwater sustainability agencies and the work we perform implementing our Groundwater Sustainability Plans. MAGSA staff monitor legislative activities and when necessary, engage with our local and state elected officials on legislation to affect the outcome of bills as they move through the legislative process.

Recently, MAGSA was recognized by the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) with their Rising Star Award for our involvement in their advocacy program. MAGSA joined with other ACWA members to amplify our voice in support of two bills related to streamlining the regulatory permitting process for water infrastructure projects and setting water supply targets to ensure we have enough water for all beneficial uses. We contacted our local California senators and assembly members to provide insight on the benefits of both bills and asked for “Yes” votes during key legislative committee meetings. We were honored to be recognized by ACWA for our efforts.

With groundwater sustainability and related subject matter remaining a focus for the Governor and legislators, we anticipate there will again be bills introduced in 2024 affecting the local efforts by MAGSA and other groundwater sustainability agencies to work on groundwater sustainability projects. MAGSA staff will continue to participate in efforts to affect the outcome of relevant bills for the benefit of MAGSA landowners.

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