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New Members Appointed to MAGSA’s Stakeholder Committee

The MAGSA board approved the appointment of Bob Sidhu to MAGSA’s Stakeholder Committee at the December 6, 2023 meeting. Bob states he is “eager to contribute to MAGSA’s efforts in promoting environmentally conscious farming practices, resource efficiency, and community engagement” while collaborating with individuals who are “dedicated to making a positive impact on the agricultural landscape.” MAGSA was honored to also welcome Bradley Abercrombie and Steve Haze as members to the Stakeholder Committee earlier this year.

About the Stakeholder Committee: MAGSA actively involves representatives of diverse stakeholder groups through the Stakeholder Committee. The Stakeholder Committee includes representatives of all stakeholder groups within the MAGSA boundaries. These include two general agricultural representatives, one permanent crop agricultural representative, one dairy agricultural representative, a domestic user representative, a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) representative, an environmental representative, two governmental representatives including County and State, and one local agency representative.

The Stakeholder Committee is an autonomous group and is an advisory group to the MAGSA Board. The Stakeholder Committee provides input on policies, management actions, and projects that may be considered by the MAGSA Board. It is the role of Committee members to act as a liaison between MAGSA and the public, as well as serve as a resource to the broader community. Learn more about the Stakeholder Committee here.

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