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Well Mitigation Policy Approved, Rules & Regulations Available for Public Comment

The MAGSA Board of Directors approved a Domestic Well Mitigation Policy and is now asking the public to review draft Implementing Rules and Regulations for the policy. These draft Rules & Regulations outline how MAGSA will meet the needs of landowners in the GSA whose domestic wells go dry or fall within ten feet of going dry due to lowering groundwater levels. The Rules & Regulations outline the eligibility criteria for domestic well owners to receive assistance, the application process, and the different mitigation measures MAGSA may provide. 

MAGSA landowners and stakeholders can comment on the draft Rules and Regulations using the comment form on our website here. It is recommended public comments on the draft documents be submitted no later than May 22, 2024 to allow time for consideration by the Board prior to approval.

Why is MAGSA adopting a Domestic Well Mitigation plan? A Domestic Well Mitigation Plan was  one of the requirements in the conditional approval of the Kings Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plans by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).   MAGSA and the other six Kings Subbasin GSAs are responsible for mitigating the impact of domestic wells going dry within their boundaries due to declining groundwater levels.. As a result, Kings Subbasin GSAs have coordinated to develop domestic well mitigation strategies and each GSA is developing a program based on their area’s unique needs.

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