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Growers Are Required to Install Meters & Telemetry by January 31, 2025. Apply for Financial Assistance Soon.

If you are a landowner in the McMullin Area Groundwater Sustainability Agency (MAGSA) with wells producing more than 2 acre-feet of water annually, you are required to install meters and telemetry on your wells by January 31, 2025. To alleviate some of the costs associated with this requirement, MAGSA has developed a Rebate Program and negotiated discounts with several irrigation companies.

Meter and Telemetry Rebate Program: MAGSA landowners who registered their wells can apply for the Meter and Telemetry Rebate Program*. This program provides approximately a 40% rebate for the cost of your:
→ Meter
→ Telemetry
→ 1 year subscription for monitoring
→ Installation cost** 

*This Rebate Program is funded through a federal grant, so if you have received funding from another federal program such as EQIP, you may not be eligible for this rebate. Contact MAGSA for more information.
**Any extra cost associated with modifying your system to install meter and telemetry, such as the reconfiguration of a discharge pipe that involves rerouting or splitting, will not be covered by the rebate.

Irrigation Dealer Discounts: In addition to the Rebate Program, MAGSA has negotiated a discount on the cost for both a meter and installation with several irrigation companies. Although it is not required to use one of these companies, we recommend this option to obtain a discount and ensure the proper meter is purchased and correctly installed. 

Meter and Telemetry Specifications: Click HERE for a list of the specifications your meter must meet to be compliant with MAGSA policy.

Next Steps: Visit our Rebate Program webpage HERE, stop by the MAGSA’s office in Kerman (275 S. Madera Avenue, Suite 301), or call 559-515-3339 to learn how to apply for the Rebate Program and to see a list of irrigation dealers offering discounts to MAGSA landowners.

Why is MAGSA Requiring Meters and Telemetry? MAGSA is working on behalf of landowners to meet state requirements and secure a sustainable groundwater supply for the future of farming operations within MAGSA. To do this, we have to accurately measure groundwater use. Measuring groundwater use through meters provides the best defense against current estimates of groundwater overdraft in MAGSA. In addition, meters and telemetry are crucial for projects that  will bring surface water into MAGSA ,like the Aquaterra Water Bank and McMullin On-Farm Flood Capture Expansion Project. 

While this requirement creates an additional expense for your current operational budget, we believe this is the best long-term investment you can make  for the  future viability of your farming operation. MAGSA staff and board will continue to seek grants and other creative funding opportunities on behalf of our landowners as we work toward groundwater sustainability.  We are available to answer any questions you may have through this process.

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